September 2020
These are unprecedented times. September marks six months since California shut down the economy to contain the coronavirus. This had been a shock to us as individuals and as business people. Perhaps the most difficult adjustment – after the disruption to our finances! – has been the isolation factor. I know all of us on the board miss in-person events, which are great for networking, forging friendships and having unexpected collaborations. 
Being human, we did not take this lying down – instead, we’ve gone virtual, enduring an ever changing learning curve, connection issues, bad audio and more – just to see each other and interact. Of course, now we complain about being online so much – but it’s really a blessing. And don’t you wish you had bought stock in Zoom in March? I know I do. 
We hope that all of you will join us online soon – to hear a talk, to learn a new skill, and to see each other. The Chamber is evolving; we hope ultimately to the better. Let’s support each other in ways big and small; that’s the value of our wonderful LGBTQ+ business community.

Stay healthy – wear a mask!

Bettie Owen

President, Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley

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