June 2015
June is Pride month just about everywhere. Even though the official Silicon Valley Pride will not happen until August 30th, after the competition has died down a bit, there are still many Pride events happening locally this month.  From the City of San Jose Rainbow flag raising ceremony at City Hall,  to concerts by the Silicon Valley Men’s and Women’s choruses, to Pride picnics and brunches; it is a month to celebrate who we are and how far we have come. And to top it off, expect a Supreme Court Decision on marriage equality by the end of June and hopefully put the icing on the cake.
At the Chamber we are in the process of putting together our Business Directory for 2015/16 which will begin distribution at Silicon Valley Pride. The directory showcases our members, sponsors, partners and supporters. It includes a free listing for all members who are current as of July 19, 2015, so  if you are not a member and are considering joining, now is the time to do it. Whether LGBT or ally,  business owner or business professional, join the ever growing list of those who take Pride at the workplace and in the community.


Roark Signature

Roark Clayton

President, Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley