Hank Dean, Board Member

Hank has spent his life dedicated to strengthening his continued education in personal training, dance and gymnastics, and has 38 years of education & experience in coaching. His passion began when he fell in love with fitness at the age of 8 after being enrolled into a community gymnastics program and discovering his talent. As he continued to develop his skills, he became even more passionate and began personal training at the age of 14. Knowing very early on that he wasn’t cut out for a traditional 9-5 lifestyle, he continued to follow this path to pursue every avenue of gymnastics, coaching, and dance.

While Hank’s education & experience is one of his biggest values, his real specialty is empowering people to be their best no matter what skill level, size, or age. He takes pride in the relationships he maintains with his clients and handles each client’s physical circumstances with care. Whether you’re a retired athlete, new to working out, or have had a hip replacement, Hank can build a program for you. His workouts are energetic, versatile, and 100% personalized.

Hank is the owner of Sovereign Coaching and resides in San Jose, CA.

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