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LGBTQ Organizations Unite to Combat Racial Violence

Today, the Human Rights Campaign released a letter, joined by prominent LGBTQ and civil rights organizations, condemning racism, racial violence and police brutality while calling for action to combat these scourges. The letter is signed by 100+ leaders of the nation’s most prominent LGBTQ and civil rights organizations. Read the letter

Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley Supports ACR 99

The Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley is pleased to support ACR 99, which calls upon all Californians to treat one another fairly, and upon religious leaders to counsel on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) issues with compassion and knowledge of the harms of conversion therapy. Read the letter

Our Statement on The Supreme Court Allowing Transgender Ban to Go Into Effect

In this open letter, The Board of Directors of the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley strongly condemns the Supreme Court’s decision today to allow President Trump’s ban on qualified transgender Americans serving in the United States military to go into effect. We continue to stand with the many veteran and LGBTQ+ organizations around the […]

Small Business Anti-Displacement Research

The displacement of small businesses caused by commercial gentrification in the Bay Area is a well-known problem in our communities. Residents and businesses are being priced out of their communities by skyrocketing rent increases and massive redevelopment plans that leave little opportunity for displaced tenants to return. LGBTQ+ small businesses owners are especially at risk […]

RE: Legal Definition of Sex and Gender Under Title IX

The protection of the rights of transgender Americans is the right thing to do. Recently, efforts to deny transgender people employment and equal access to education benefits under Title IX have surfaced. The Rainbow Chamber supports resolutions opposing any changes that would threaten the rights of transgender people. Here’s a letter to the Mayor and […]