The Rainbow Chamber offers a variety of educational events and webinars throughout the year. Below are some of our most recent. If you’d like someone to speak to your organization, or have business skills you’d like to share with our membership, please contact us at [email protected].

Webinar and Event Recordings


“Getting the Most Out of Your Chamber Membership”

Take a quick tour through the business-building benefits of Chamber membership, learn about opportunities to volunteer for our community, and explore the benefits of NGLCC LGBTBE certification.

Getting the Most Out Of Your Chamber Membership (Video)


“Business Planning”

Kimberly Leal, Keller Williams Realty, presents tips and best practices for creating and executing a business plan.

Business Planning (Presentation, Recorded Video)


“Grant Writing Workshop”

Join Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Board Secretary, Dr. Bard Williams, and learn the basics of grant writing, including important resources, best practices and more.

Grant Writing (Presentation, PDF)

Grant Checklist (PDF)


“Disaster Preparedness – Basics”

Are you and your business ready for a disaster? We’ve all had a tough couple of years with the pandemic and, for many, additional challenges of flooding, wildfires and more. In this session, we’ll identify best practices for preparing for the worst. You’ll learn how to lessen the impact of disastrous situations on your business and hear about some excellent resources from Rainbow Chamber member Pacific Gas & Electric. This session is presented by Board Secretary Bard Williams with content sourced from session sponsor Pacific Gas & Electric Technology Assistance Program (TAP).  Visit to view a more in-depth session on this topic.

Disaster Preparedness ideas (PDF, from the session chat

“Cybersecurity Basics”

Learn why awareness of cybersecurity is important for your business. Explore common types of cybersecurity breaches. Find out what do to when you think you’re a victim. Join Board Secretary Dr. Bard Williams for this session with content sourced from session sponsor Pacific Gas & Electric Technology Assistance Program (TAP).  Visit to view a more in-depth session on this topic.

Cybersecurity Basics (Video)

“All Wigged Out: Post Film Q&A “

Q & A on the importance of support when you have cancer – and sources of support locally. From left to right, Bettie O, moderator; Marcy Marxer, musician; Morrigan Bruce, program director of Cancer CAREpoint; and Cathy Fink, musician. Recording during a screening of the film in October 18, 2022.

All Wigged Out Q&A (Video)

“Design Thinking for Small Business Entrepreneurs”

Join professional consultant and coach Vikki Brown (vabrownconsulting) for a look at how design thinking can help you focus your efforts and generate new ideas.

Design Thinking for Small Business Entrepreneurs (Video)

“Ten Tips to Power Up Your Presentation Skills”

Ever attended a training session or presentation and been disappointed by a less-than-effective presenter? Not only are you less likely to get something out of the presentation, but you’ll probably be kicking yourself for wasting time. But wait, this is NOT you – because you’ve gone through the TEN TRICKS presentation and your presentations will wow the crowd! Get the tips and tricks from Rainbow Chamber Board Secretary, Dr. Bard Williams – your next presentation will be even more fabulous!

Ten Tricks to Power Up Your Presentation Skills (Video)

“It’s Not Always Easy: Managing Conflict”

Every small business owner knows that lots of energy should be put into keeping your customers satisfied. Most of the time, you get compliments and support. But then there are times when someone’s not happy – whether it be a client or employee – and the buck stops with you to manage the situation. In this session, you’ll learn an effective 4 step solution and participate, if you wish, in trying out what you learned using some real world situations.  Join Rainbow Chamber Board Secretary, Dr. Bard Williams, and refine conflict management skills! NOTE: Sponsored by PG&E – thanks for your support!

It’s Not Always Easy: Managing Conflict (Video)

“Developing a Customer Service Mindset”

Customer service is both a skill and an art. In this session, you’ll learn the six foundations of great customer service. It’s a new world and a new opportunities to surprise and delight both prospective and loyal customers. Join Rainbow Chamber Board Secretary, Dr. Bard Williams, and leave with a solid plan for improving your customer service skills. NOTE: Sponsored by PG&E – thanks for your support!

  • Learn the 6 foundations of great customer service
  • Learn how to surprise and delight your new & old customers
  • Develop a solid plan to improve your customer service skills

Developing a Customer Service Mindset (Video)

“Making Better Decisions with Google Analytics”

Join Israel Serna, Grow with Google Trainer, and explore the power of Google Analytics for helping you know your customers better and communicate with them more effectively.

Making Better Decisions with Google Analytics (Video)
Demo Account  (demo website)

“Making Your Small Business More Accessible”

Bettie Owen and Renee Johnson present tips and techniques for making your small business more accessible and using accessibility compliance to make you more visible online.

Making Your Small Business More Accessible (Video)
Session handout (PDF)

“Making Your Website Work for You”

Join Israel Serna, Grow with Google Trainer, as he discusses how to optimize your website for your target audiences and shares best practices for developing and publishing compelling content.

Making Your Website Work for You (Video)
Session handout (PDF)

“Creating Inclusion in the LGBTQ+ & Ally Business Community”

Kai Stowers, local diversity consultant, talks about raising your awareness outside yourself to understand others better; plus reveals strategies and best practices for creating a more inclusive business.

Creating Inclusion (Video)
Info sheet and slides (PDFs)

“Making Sense of Online Marketing: A Simple Checklist for Success”

Join Tracey Lee Davis, owner of ZingPop Social Media, to learn to navigate the sometimes confusing world of social media and to effectively get the word out about your business.

Making Sense of Online Media (Video)
Session handout and slides (PDFs)

“Get Your Local Biz on Google Search & Maps”

Join Israel Serna, Grow with Google Trainer, as he demonstrates how to serve up accurate, updated information about your local business on Google Search and Google Maps, no matter which device they use. In this video, you will learn how to create and manage a Google Business Profile from start to finish.

Get Your Local Biz on Google (Video)
Session handout (PDF)

“Wills, Trusts and Powers, Oh My!”

Learn the basics and be prepared! Thanks to presenter and Rainbow Chamber Member, Diane Brown (Diane Brown Trust and Estate Attorney).
WillsTrustsPowers_Diane Brown (Video)

“Business Networking – The Why”

Check out this article from Grey Nishio,President, New Mexico OUT Business Alliance
Business Networking (PDF)

“2020 Tax Update for Businesses”

Explore tax tips for your business, courtesy Brian W. Gryder, JD, CPA of Morris + D’Angelo Certified Public Accountants.
Slide show (from presentation)
Video recording of presentation

“Cool Tools for 2021”

Find out about the many membership benefits for your and your business.
Presented by Bard Williams, Board Member & Secretary,  Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley

Recorded webinar (:58)

“Get Lit (properly) for Your Next Video Conference”

Presented by Luis Castillo, Board Member,  Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley
and Owner of Luis Pedro Castillo Pictures.

Recorded webinar (1:22)

“Boost Your Business with a Winning LinkedIn Page”

Presented by Bard Williams, Ed.D., Secretary, Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley
and Owner/Managing Partner of Silicon Valley Massage Therapy Group

Recorded webinar (1:02)

“Communicating on Social Media During This Time (COVID-19)”

Presented by Tracey Lee Davis, Owner, ZingPop Social Media

Recorded webinar (00:26)

“How to Be a Webinar Superstar”

Presented by Top Dog Learning Group.

Webinar_Superstar_WORKBOOK_2020 (PDF)

“Intro to the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce”

Presented by Bard Williams, Secretary, Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley

RCCSV_intro video (3:10)



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